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With each household now averaging three different types of internet enabled devices, high speed broadband delivers you a multi-user environment.


What it can high speed broadband provide to home users:

Speeds of up to 100mpbs can provide to the home user:


  • Entertainment – streaming movies, box – sets and downloading music.
  • Wider connectivity – video chatting and social media
  • Streamlining daily activities – banking and retail
  • Education to suit all ages – online courses, education support services
  • Improved Home Security – internet of things technology

High Speed broadband provides endless benefits to all the family.  A lightening quick connection can provide uninterrupted live streaming of sports, movies and music. Home users can stay connected better than ever with instant video chatting and instant access to the global community. Home user can also streamline their day to day activities with online banking, online shopping, superior security settings and online appointment booking. The benefits of high speed broadband to the home user is endless, from entertainment, connectivity and streamlining of daily activities to E-Learning, online interviewing, online personal training etc


  • Streaming sports
  • Banking
  • Looking up Genealogy
  • Watching TV playback services
  • Looking up cooking videos
  • Online Shopping
  • Booking family holiday
  • Looking up beauty tutorials
  • Completing homework online
  • Watching box sets of TV shows
  • On wifi to access apps
  • Educational Gaming
  • College applications
  • Downloading Music
  • Gaining qualification
  • Applying for Jobs online
  • Uploading & sharing photos & videos
  • Doing a video interview
  • Moving abroad
  • Video chatting from abroad
  • Watching Movies


How are the lives of home users transformed by access to high speed broadband?

  • High speed broadband can help bring the family together
  • Families can stay connected when they are apart
  • Younger people can experience and access the wider world (jobs, education etc)
  • Connecting people of all ages to the wider community


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