National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is a Government sponsored initiative to bring broadband to rural Ireland.

National Broadband Plan

open eir remains committed to delivering fibre broadband to 1.9 million homes and business across Ireland by the end of 2020. Our plans mean that more than 80% of all the premises in Ireland will have access to high speed broadband before there is any need for state intervention.

Committed to the NBP

While 80% of the country will be able to access our network, the remaining 20% of homes and businesses falls under the Government’s National Braodband Plan (NBP) which we remain fully supportive of and will be tendering for. We have submitted our PQQ and we look forward to engaging with the Department as the dialogue stage begins, and through to tender completion. We are dedicated to being a part of a connected Ireland and strongly  believe the work we have done to date, our experience and our expertise make us the only credible company capable of delivering a world class broadband network.

 Our commercial deployment plans

2020 smallIn June 2015, we announced our rollout plans out to 2020, which included an additional 300,000 rural homes and businesses to that of our previously published plans. Changes to the timeline for the NBP have not altered our timeliness; we have already started work on the first 100,000 homes and businesses and we  are on track for 1.6 million premises across Ireland being able to access high speed broadband by the end of 2016.  In addition we are committed to enabling 1.9 million premises by the end of 2020, as well as supporting the DCCAE on the Government initiative which is the NBP.

Technology for rural Ireland

We are continuously improving our methods for delivering high speed broadband, and we have demonstrated our vast experience in both urban and rural settings in a uniquely Irish context. Our trials in Belcarra, co Mayo and Munterconnaught, co Cavan, have shown that the most appropriate technology for delivering high speed broadband to rural Ireland, in most instances, is fibre to the home (FTTH). This involves bringing fibre cable to each premises, which can then deliver speeds of up to 1 Gbps. These speeds will put parts of rural Ireland on par with the centre of Tokyo, but more importantly, is expected to be able to support technology advances for many years.

Engaging with rural Ireland

We are continuously demonstrating our commitment to rural Ireland by visiting communities and highlighting what we have done and what our plans are for the future.  In addition we outline the Government’s plans to connect every home in Ireland with high speed broadband by 2022. Already, we have been to Kilkenny, Dundalk, Athenry and Dingle, and we have plans for more events. At each event we encourage and welcome TDs, Councillors, businesses, community leaders, chambers and associates to come, and speak to our teams who are involved in delivering fibre broadband.

We believe are in the best position to deliver on the National Broadband Plan because:

  • Communications is our core business
  • We have the most extensive access network in place
  • We have operation processes and the field force to support Next Generation Access (NGA) in rural areas
  • We have the best understanding of the nature of home and business based broadband. We understand likely data loads and their evolution, as well as network architecture options
  • We have a track record in deploying NGA, 1.4 million homes and businesses already rolled out within our 1.9 million program