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open eir launces NBP solution

open eir, Ireland’s largest telecommunications provider, today launched its proposed solution to the upcoming National Broadband Plan to bring best in class high-speed broadband to rural Ireland, that will use more than 90,000km of fibre optic cable.   Ireland’s Fastest Broadband Speeds to Unlock Rural Recovery Showcasing broadband speeds of 1Gbps with Fibre to theRead More…

Fibre and Farming

What difference can 1 Gbps fibre broadband make on a farm? In this video livestock farmer Conor Heaney describes how WiFi cameras mean he can now monitor his cattle during calving time remotely. Conor took part in open eir’s Fibre to the Home pilot in rural Belcarra, County Mayo.

Belcarra, Co. Mayo Trail – LPB Construction Services, Manulla

LPB Construction Services is truly a family business. It was started more than 20 years ago by father Bernard. Today, all three sons in the family, a daughter and a daughter-in-law contribute to the longevity of the business. LPB work up and down the west coast, and also have a base in the UK, so the internet is essential for the business.

Belcarra, Co. Mayo, FTTH Trial – Conor Heaney

As a part-time farmer, Conor used to worry about his cows, particularly during calving time while he was out at work during the day. Now he can now use a livestock monitoring system that uses WiFi cameras to monitor his cattle remotely.

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