Where and When

Today 1.6 million homes and businesses can access our high speed fibre broadband network

How to use the interactive map

We are currently rolling out two different technologies fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) and fibre to the home (FTTH). You can see what might apply to you by zooming the map to your location.


From the FTTC technology, cabinets are shown by circles and colour coded per the key to the right of the map. Typically a stable fibre service can be delivered when the copper cable from the cabinet travels up to 1.5-2km. You can use the ‘Calculate Distance’ tool (button at the top of the map) to see if that might apply to you.

Please remember you may not be connected to your nearest cabinet. The reasons for this are varied. If you think you might be connected to a live fibre cabinet, you can contact your preferred retail provider to find out what is available to you.


On the right of the map, you can toggle for exchanges to be shown or not. After you’ve zoomed in to your local area, you can toggle on the exchange to see what is there or what is coming. If you hover over the exchange icon, it will give you more details such as the number of homes and businesses connected and if there are future plans for the exchange area.

Rural fibre routes

The yellow lines represent our planned rural fibre routes. To find out more about the plan, track the route back to the exchange (use the toggle on to the right of the map as described above), and hover over for more information about the exchange.

These plans available for our customers to view online to give indicative routes and forecasted timelines. As detailed planning takes place, which incorporates physical route surveys, our plans can change, for example routes may be extended or shortened and timelines can change due to planning or other involvement required from third parties.

 Next Generation Access

In open eir, we are very much aware of the demand and need for households, businesses and communities to have access to a reliable high speed broadband network, that it why we are investing over €400 million in deploying a high speed fibre broadband network that will enable 1.9 million homes and businesses across Ireland; that’s 80% of premises across the country.

National Broadband Plan

For areas outside our commercial deployment you will require the support of the Government intervention. This intervention has been called Connecting Communities or the National Broadband Plan (NBP). Under this plan, the Government intends to intervene in non-commercial areas of the market to ensure, through State subsidy, that all premises in the country will receive high speed broadband regardless of location (www.broadband.gov.ie)

We are actively working with the Government on this initiative and hope to be the operator of choice to connect all premises within rural Ireland. Minister Naughten plans to award the contract to the successful operator(s) in June 2017 with the aim to begin physical build as soon as possible after that date and to complete deployment in the following 3 to 5 years. open eir will be competing strongly in the bid process with the objective of being a key player in bringing fibre to those homes outside our commercial deployment plan area.

 We believe open eir can deliver on the National Broadband Plan because:

  • Communications is our core business
  • We have the most extensive open access network in place
  • We have operation processes and the field force to support Next Generation Access in rural areas
  • We have the best understanding of the nature of home and business based broadband. We understand likely data loads and their evolution, as well as network architecture options
  • We have a track record in deploying NGA, 1,400,000 homes and businesses already rolled out within our 1.9 million program

Where to Buy

open eir is committed to deploying a high speed fibre broadband network that all service providers can connect to – this means that you can choose the service provider that best suits your needs. Below for your convenience we have listed all of the service providers who presently connect to our open access high speed fibre network.