178,500 Homes and Businesses in 101 Communities Across County Cork can Avail of High Speed Broadband

178,500 Homes and Businesses in 101 Communities Across County Cork can Avail of High Speed Broadband

  • 178,500 homes and businesses in 101 communities across county Cork can avail of high speed broadband
  • Over 208,000 homes and businesses across 143 communities will have access to high speed broadband when open eir’s rollout programme completes
  • 95 Communities will benefit from speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s as part of open eir’s FTTH programme
  • Over €55m is being invested by open eir in upgrading County Cork’s broadband infrastructure

Last Monday, open eir, visited Castletownbere to update local stakeholders on the availability of high speed broadband in the county. Currently, 178,500 homes and businesses across 101 communities in the county, can avail of high speed broadband with speeds of up to 100Mb/s as a direct result of open eir’s investment to upgrade its ‘open access’ network. When open eir’s fibre rollout programmes completes in 2018 over 208,000 homes and businesses across 143 communities will have access to high speed broadband.

open eir has also committed to rolling out fibre to the home (FTTH) technology offering speeds of up to 1,000Mb/s to 95 communities covering over 27,000 homes and businesses across Cork including the West Cork communities of Castletownbere, Glengarriff, Schull, Skibbereen, Clonakilty and Kinsale.

open eir is committed to keeping communities informed of progress of its high speed fibre broadband rollout and with that in mind they have been running an on-going engagement programme with over 900 communities both large and small, urban and rural, across the country which are benefiting from the enhanced service.

Speaking at the stakeholder event Carolan Lennon, Managing Director, open eir said “No other operator in the market is investing more or rolling out fibre to the scale that we are. We have made commitments to bring high speed broadband to as many communities as possible across Ireland – and this includes communities in rural Ireland. Today 70% of the country has access to high speed broadband and that will continue to rise. This includes 101 communities in Cork. But we are not stopping there! We will provide best in class solutions with unparalleled speeds to a number of additional communities in the county by the end of 2018.

I’m delighted that our investment programme is benefitting communities across Cork. We have seen first-hand how fibre broadband can enhance people’s business and personal lives. It’s helping businesses move online and capture new markets, it enriches the learning experience for students both in the classroom and at home, it facilitates greater teleworking and brings a much broader range of entertainment options into the home with increased music, gaming, film and television services.

In addition to our own commercial rollout programme we are fully supportive of the National Broadband Plan. In line with the Government’s objective, we are committed to delivering a high speed broadband solution to the most rural areas of Ireland. We continue to engage fully in the NBP process.

We have already trialled a future-proofed technology that will bring ultrafast fibre broadband direct to homes and businesses using eir’s existing network of telephone poles throughout the country. We’re confident that the combination of our track record of delivery to date and a best-in-class solution for high speed rural broadband means open eir is best placed to deliver the National Broadband Plan and we will compete vigorously to win that”.

Welcoming open eir’s €55m investment in the county, Isabel O’Donovan, Owner of local business “Issie’s Handmade Chocolates said: “High speed broadband is a hugely important resource for businesses and the broader community so it is a very positive development for the county that currently over 178,000 premises can avail of fibre broadband. Rural Ireland has long been forgotten when it comes to broadband rollout and this has had a significant impact on businesses across the country. Castletownbere is a remote but thriving community – we attract a lot of tourists to the area each year and there is also a vibrant business community – for us high speed broadband is not a luxury it’s an absolute necessity. Access to reliable broadband helps to put communities like ours on the world map and for business owners like me it really helps us to compete outside our local environment. It’s encouraging to see that at least one provider in the market is addressing this serious issue”.

Tara McCarthy, BIM’s CEO also welcomed the introduction of high speed broadband to the area; ‘As the Seafood Development Agency, one of our core priorities is Skills. Our National Fisheries College in Castletownbere delivers a range of courses to fishermen and seafood industry personnel from Skippers tickets to marine engineering to aquaculture training. High speed broadband will improve our capability in the college to deliver the highest standards of training and it will allow us to communicate more effectively with our students. It will also help the wider seafood sector in the area to deliver a more efficient service to their customers and as Castletownbere is one of our key fishing ports landing over €113 million worth of fish last year; it is a valuable business that should be supported with the best broadband services available.

Nationally open eir continues to make significant progress on the roll-out of Ireland’s largest open access high-speed fibre broadband network. open eir has so far enabled 1.6 million homes and businesses nationwide to access its high-speed fibre broadband network. When complete, a national network of 1.9 million premises will have access to high-speed broadband.

As an open access network any broadband provider can sell TV, broadband and phone services using the infrastructure. There are currently 15 telecoms companies using the network to provide TV and broadband services across Ireland.