Ashford House Nursing Home: Embracing the digital transformation

Ashford House Nursing Home: Embracing the digital transformation


Ashford House Nursing Home is using its high-speed broadband connection to enrich the lives of its residents through technology.

Technology isn’t just a luxury of the younger generations. Increasingly, elderly people are incorporating technology to live, learn and connect. Helping its residents do just that is Ashford House Nursing Home in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. The key to its digital transformation, says centre provider Denise Morrin, is the constant availability of high-speed broadband. “We are a small nursing home but a very progressive nursing home,” she says. “Broadband has definitely made a difference.”

In fact, Ashford House has incorporated the digital world into all aspects of care. “We have ended up really embracing technology on every level,” says Denise. “We use it for our residents, their families, our staff, down to our security cameras outside the nursing home. Every element of the nursing home is dependent on high-speed broadband now.”


A key benefit of adopting digital technology is the way in which it improves residents’ lives. Denise uses the example of Nancy, a visually-impaired woman in Ashford House. “She used to love reading the paper,” Denise explains. However, as her eyesight deteriorated, Nancy struggled to see the paper. Now, the nursing home’s activities coordinator visits her in the mornings and uses the iPad to read her the latest news. “If there’s something she’s particularly interested in or if there’s a photo, she wouldn’t be able to see it in the newspaper,” continues Denise. “But using the iPad, we can enlarge it and bring it up, so she has much more chance of seeing what we’re actually discussing with her.”

Nancy says connectivity is just as vital to Ashford House Nursing Home as it is to anywhere else. “She takes the iPad and reads whatever I want to know from the paper,” she says of her morning updates from the activities coordinator. “I think it’s great. If it’s everywhere else, it needs to be here. We need to keep up with it.”

Nancy is just one example of a resident who has benefitted from Ashford House’s digital transformation. “It’s a great way to start conversations, it’s a great form of reminiscence therapy,” says Denise. She adds that it also helps younger visitors bond with the residents. “We have Transition Year students that come in a couple of times a week,” says Denise. “They love the computer and it actually makes life easier for them as well because they are very familiar with computers so they enjoy passing on those skills.”

Technology also brings with it faster and more efficient ways of doing things. That allows nursing staff to cut down on laborious paperwork and increase the time they spend with residents. “Our residents’ information and care plans are online and we’re also able to access the pharmacy online,” says Denise. “This enables us to look at our residents’ prescription charts and look at the medicines. We can also scan and upload reports for individual residents. High-speed broadband enables the nurse to have more time for her resident and she is able to just click that button and get her notes going when she’s able to sit down and it has it has made huge differences in time management for staff.”