Business User

The availability of a high speed fibre broadband creates huge opportunity for small businesses and local communities.


The speeds offered by High Speed Broadband open up a whole range of leading-edge software and applications that can bring huge benefits to your business. Allowing you and your employees to work more efficiently, work when and where you want, expand your offering online and connect with customers and colleagues all over the world.

Improve Communication

High speed fibre broadband can revolutionise how you communicate with customers and colleagues. Talk face to face with Skype, or utilise more sophisticated video conference platforms to meet with business associates around the globe. High speed fibre broadband can help you travel less and save money whilst allowing you to still maintain and create customer relationships.

Improve productivity, efficiency and reliability

With speeds up to 8 times faster, uploading and downloading large files is much more efficient than before. Multiple employees can use the internet simultaneously with little impact on overall performance. You can now market your products and services to anyone anywhere through a best in class website supported by the best of fibre connectivity.

Empower your employees to work from home

High speed fibre broadband facilitates flexible working models, such as;

  • smoother video conferencing
  • reliable remote corporate network access
  • greater data size capacity for file sharing among colleagues and clients

Lower your I.T. costs through Cloud computing

Utilising high speed fibre broadband to access cloud computing will give you access to affordable business software and business applications online. The cloud will also support your data storage needs, ensuring your information is safe and retrievable no matter where you are.