Broadband for business: Treating water with high-speed internet

Broadband for business: Treating water with high-speed internet


Wastewater treatment facility, OxyMem, Co. Westmeath, is showing how high-speed broadband is crucial for business growth.

Wastewater treatment is eating our energy supplies. In developed nations, it can account for up to 3% of a country’s total energy use. Wayne Byrne, managing director of OxyMem, Co. Westmeath, believes that’s a costly waste. By using ‘bubbleless’ aeration technology, his company is working to reduce the amount of energy required to treat wastewater by up to 75%. Essential to the company’s success, he says, is high-speed broadband.

Having started out in January 2014, OxyMem is now a rapidly-growing business. In under two years, the Irish-owned company has grown from a two-person project to a 27-strong business—and it’s continuing to grow. “By next year, we’ll see an almost doubling of the employee footprint,” says Wayne.

Like any growing business, OxyMem relies heavily on high-speed internet to win clients and continue with its expansion plans. The company also uses its fast connection for critical infrastructure. “The truth is, we couldn’t run our business without high-speed broadband,” says Wayne.


Explaining that the company is still at “the very early stage” of its growth plan, Wayne says that being able to hold teleconferences with potential customers and distributors is vital to the company’s future. “It’s a global market we’re dealing with so to interact with them, it wouldn’t be cost effective for us to jump on a plane,” he says. “We bring together a virtual audience, get an interactive session going and we rely heavily on the high-speed broadband to make sure that is sustainable.”

With high-level conversations taking place, a seamless internet connection is essential. “We can’t afford any glitches or downtime,” says Wayne. “It’s an absolute critical engagement for us.”

The company relies on open eir’s seamless broadband for business service to protect intellectual property, too. “We have created an environment—through using the cloud—that allows our units in the field to provide operational data and send it up to the cloud,” says Wayne. “The cloud will then make a decision as to whether or not that system is performing in an optimal way or a sub-optimal way.” By keeping sensitive data separate to the company’s internal system, Wayne says OxyMem’s intellectual property is in the safest hands possible.

As the company continues to expand, the managing director says high-speed broadband will be there every step of the way. “It is an essential part of our day-to-day business,” says Wayne. “We absolutely couldn’t survive without it.”


OxyMem from open eir on Vimeo.