High-speed broadband: bringing HR into the digital age

High-speed broadband: bringing HR into the digital age

Outsourced human resources company, The HR Suite, is taking full advantage of open eir’s high-speed broadband network to facilitate business and market itself to organisations across Ireland.

The digital workplace is on the rise. Increasingly, businesses are embarking on a digital transformation to engage and reach tech-savvy customers. One of those companies is The HR Suite, an innovative outsourced HR consultancy based in Tralee, Co. Kerry. Founder and Managing Director, Caroline McEnery, says she is using her high-speed broadband connection to transform the business into a truly digital workplace.

Caroline’s company provides HR expertise to a diverse range of companies from various sectors who don’t have the budget to employ HR professionals on a full-time basis. “We offer an outsourced HR solution to companies all over Ireland,” explains Caroline. Giving them a competitive edge, she says, is fast internet. “Having access to high-speed broadband really enhances the services we provide,” says Caroline. “In the last 12 months in particular, we’ve really taken advantage of it by providing online training – using Skype and our IT technologies to their full potential.”

Traditional HR consultants spend an enormous amount of time on the road; travelling to and from different clients. Travel time and costs can become an issue, particularly for a business that operates nationwide.

“If we didn’t have high-speed broadband, we would definitely find it very challenging because you’re in the car an awful lot of the time,” says Caroline. “The need now to travel to the client is definitely reduced by us maximising high-speed broadband.”


Vital to The HR Suite’s success is its strong focus on customer service. The consultancy delivers a bespoke service and takes a personal interest in companies it works with. High-speed broadband has an important role in maintaining those strong relationships. “Being able to provide the telephone and email support is very key to that,” says Caroline. “Now that we can do it via Skype as well, that enhances it further.”

Caroline says that by having her business based in Tralee, she and her staff get the best of both worlds: picturesque surroundings coupled with seamless connectivity. She says: “The advantages are it’s a beautiful part of the world; we’ve beautiful golf courses, scenery, beaches – you’ve a great work life balance here.”