High-speed broadband: the make-up of a great brand

High-speed broadband: the make-up of a great brand


From engaging customers to building a global fan base, Gillian Moore, Founder and Managing Director of Fuschia Make-Up, says high-speed broadband is an essential element of her business strategy.

The global cosmetics market is worth a staggering €181 billion. Competition is tough and constant. But while big-name brands such as L’Oréal and Estée Lauder dominate, one Irish cosmetics company is starting to work its way into the international cosmetics sphere. A key contributing factor in that achievement is high-speed broadband.

Gillian Moore, Managing Director of Fuschia Make-Up, set up the company in Drogheda in 2005. Eleven years later, Gillian now has a second outlet in The Pavilion Shopping Centre in Swords, Dublin, and distributes her brand to over 400 salons across the country—and two in England. Based on that success, she has also entered the pharmacy market and has won-over several pharmacy chains with her brand.

Through high-speed broadband, Gillian has been able to positively market and promote her brand—despite budgetary restrictions. “The market is extremely competitive,” says Gillian. “We don’t have the limitless marketing budget that the major international brands have.” However, using online platforms, Fuschia Make-Up is able to achieve all of its marketing objectives—for a fraction of the cost.

“Social media is a fantastic way for us to grow the brand, promote the brand and really get it known throughout Ireland,” says Gillian. The company’s Facebook page has generated a huge following, while YouTube make-up tutorials show customers how to get the most out of their products and increase awareness of the brand amongst Fuschia’s target audience.

Tapping into the growing online market, Gillian has also developed an e-commerce site for the company, which requires regular updates. “High-speed broadband has enabled this to happen very, very quickly,” says Gillian. “When we’re loading a high-res file to the website, it means that it happens at a much, much quicker pace than it used to.”

And, as customers continue to buy online and in stores, Gillian can keep a constant virtual eye on her available stock. “In order for me to have full control over all sites and make sure all stock is well-managed, I can log in on my laptop remotely from anywhere in the world and I can see the stock on a real time basis. I do travel a lot with work and this has given me great flexibility.”

As Fuschia Make-Up continues to stride forward thanks to high-speed broadband, Gillian and her staff are able to concentrate on the most important aspect of the business. She says: “The speed at which things can be done now means that my team has a lot more time to spend focusing on our customers.”