High-speed broadband: Making working from home possible

High-speed broadband: Making working from home possible


From his home in Letterkenny, Donegal, Stephen Gallagher connects and works seamlessly with his colleagues in London, Italy and Spain thanks to high-speed broadband.

Stephen Gallagher is Technical Sales Manager with Axell Wireless (part of Cobham Wireless), a leading DAS provider. His company is international, but he can do everything he needs to do from his rural base in the place he now calls home: Donegal.

“My family are from Donegal,” says Stephen, from the UK. “I met my wife in Letterkenny and we decided to leave London and come back to Donegal. The whole point of moving back to Donegal was to be working from home, be closer to family, be closer to friends and have more of a rural lifestyle than the busy lifestyle in London.”

The availability of high-speed broadband played an enormous role in the decision to relocate to Letterkenny. Stephen’s job requires him to be fully connected to Axell Wireless’ head office in London as well as its rural offices in Italy and Spain. What he didn’t expect was being able to connect with those offices better than when he was back in London.

“High-speed broadband is absolutely crucial for me being back here,” says Stephen. “If I didn’t have full connectivity, I couldn’t live here. Currently, we are getting speeds of up to 70 megabits, which is extraordinary considering where we are. I actually have better bandwidth and better connectivity here in Donegal than I did in London. I’m getting two to three times faster speeds.”

Faster broadband has enabled Stephen to increase his own productivity and get up-to-date information straight out to his clients. Previously, doing more than one internet-reliant task at a time was a huge struggle. Now, Stephen can take a call on Skype and send large data files at the same time.


Stephen’s work life is not the only thing to improve since moving back to Donegal. He says: “What high-speed broadband has given me, as part of my social life and personal life, is being able to have connectivity on all of my devices; iPad, telephone, smart TV. I’ve got full access to Netflix, to catch-up TV. My alarm system is also connected, which means if there’s any intruder alarm or anything like that, it sends me an email or it can send me a text.”

Ultimately, high-speed broadband and the ability to work from home have improved Stephen’s entire quality of life. He concludes: “Donegal is a lovely place and that’s what it’s enabled me to do; to live where I want to live, being able to do whatever, whenever I want.”