NGA Fibre Network speeds to reach 100Mbps

NGA Fibre Network speeds to reach 100Mbps

(Issued 25th September, 2013) eir today confirmed that it will a deploy cutting edge broadband technology called vectoring on its fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) network that will deliver broadband speeds of up to 100Mb.

eir will be one of the first operators in Europe and the first in Ireland to use vectoring on a commercial basis. Vectoring is a noise cancelling technology that delivers higher broadband speeds to customers. The technology will be deployed early in 2014 across the entire next generation access (NGA) fibre network and will be included as new cabinets are added to the network.

As a result, broadband providers that choose to use eir’s NGA fibre network will be able to offer their customers a top speed of 100Mb per second. The deployment of this technology has been agreed between eir and its industry partners.

Once the fibre network construction completes in June 2015, eir estimates that 700,000 homes and businesses across the country will achieve consistent reliable speeds of 70Mb or more, and more than 400,000 premises will receive download speeds of up to 100Mb per second.

Commenting on the announcement, Carolan Lennon, MD open eir, said, “Today’s announcement will deliver real benefits for broadband users across Ireland. Introducing vectoring is an important first for Ireland and another important step for eir as we deliver superfast broadband as part of our €1.5bn strategic infrastructure investment. Deploying this technology also puts the country within touching distance of one of Minister Rabbitte’s ambitious targets to provide half the country with broadband speeds between 70-100Mb by 2015.”


Notes to the Editor:

Vectoring is used with VDSL2 broadband technology to reduce noise on broadband lines by removing crosstalk, thereby allowing faster broadband speeds to end users. eir’s NGA network follows a fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) design, where VDSL2 technology is relocated from the local telephone exchange and placed in roadside cabinets. The cabinets are then connected back into the network via fibre optic cables. Lab tests have shown that speeds of up to 100Mb are attainable when vectoring is deployed.

eir’s NGA Fibre Network
Launched in May 2013, eir’s fibre network provides access to superfast broadband for customers. On average, 15km of fibre is rolled out each working day together with 75 additional cabinets, reaching 15,000 additional customers each week. Currently more than 400,000 customers can order fibre broadband service today.

When completed in June 2015, this will be Ireland’s largest fibre broadband network with more than 12,000km of fibre, reaching 1.2m homes and businesses across 300 communities throughout Ireland. The network is also provided on an open access basis to other broadband providers. Top speeds of 70Mb are currently available, but following the deployment of vectoring in early 2014, speeds of up to 100Mb will be available to almost half a million premises within the network’s footprint.