open eir’s high-speed broadband infrastructure now available in Kells

open eir’s high-speed broadband infrastructure now available in Kells

High-speed broadband has arrived in Kells as part of open eir’s €400 million investment programme to upgrade its Open Access telecommunications network for 1.4 million homes and businesses nationwide by 2016 – making a huge difference to communities across the country.

12,550 premises in Meath have now been empowered with next generation broadband with a further 1,175 premises able to get access to high speed broadband by the end of April. When the upgrade is complete in 2016, 75% of homes and businesses in Meath will be able to access uncongested high-speed broadband with speeds of up to 100mb/s.

Eight fibre broadband cabinets are live in Kells, including the Tennis Club, Athboy Road; Headfort Road; Maudlin Street; Headfort Park; Magdalen Court; Gardenrath Road; Kells Business Park and at the rear of Headfort Estate. Together these cabinets enable almost 1,700 homes and businesses in Kells avail of the latest fixed line broadband technology through a range of service providers. [Full details of cabinet locations and areas served listed below.]

As part of open eir’s ongoing engagement with 300 communities both large and small, urban and rural, across the country which are benefiting from the enhanced service. open eir’s team will be visiting The Headfort Arms Hotel in Kells at 12.30pm on Friday, 25th April to officially launch the service. open eir will provide information on the upgraded broadband network and the benefits it brings for businesses and the local community.

Carolan Lennon, Managing Director, open eir, the business division of eir responsible for delivering the nationwide Open Access network said: “I’m delighted that our investment programme has now reached Kells. We’re now halfway through the rollout of a €400 million investment programme that is making a huge difference to local communities with 700,000 premises now able to access this latest technology in just two years. From Buncrana to Bandon and from Wicklow to Westport, we are seeing how it is already benefiting people’s lives. It’s helping businesses move online and capture new markets, it enriches the learning experience for students both in the classroom and at home, facilitates greater teleworking and brings a much broader range of entertainment options into the home with increased music, gaming, film and television services.

We look forward to providing further information on the new service when the eir high-speed broadband national roadshow arrives at the Headfort Arms on Friday, 25th April.”

For more information on high-speed broadband services please contact your local telecoms operator or visit