We’re rolling out high speed fibre broadband to more places in county Wicklow than anyone else.

open eir is committed to bringing high speed broadband to as many communities across Ireland as possible. When complete in 2018, a national network of 1.9 million premises will have access to high speed broadband.

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Today, more than 52,419 homes and businesses in County Wicklow can access open eir’s fibre network

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When complete, over 52,346 homes and businesses in County Wicklow will have access to fibre broadband

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Approximately 5,949 premises will be able to access speeds of up to 1000Mb/s by the end of 2018.

open eir continues to invest in the roll out of fibre broadband across Ireland. We have commenced a major rollout of high speed fibre broadband to rural areas in every county, areas that are predominately made up of one-off housing and farms. You can view the progress of that programme on our rollout map.


€15 million

is being invested by open eir in upgrading the broadband network in County Wicklow.